1) - Would you like ______ apple juise?

- Yes, please. I'd love ________.

2) - Have you got ______ apples?

- No, sorry. I haven't got __________ apples? But I have_________ oranges.

- I'm afraid, Idon't want _____ oranges . I would like apples.

3) - Mag, is there ______ bread home?

- No, there is _________ bread at home.

- I hope you 'll go and buy some.

нужно вставить : some, any, no


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1)-Would you like some apple juice? -Yes,please.I'd love some.

2)-Have you got any apples? -No,sorry. I haveh't got any apples. But I have got some oranges. -I'm afraid,I don't want any oranges. I would like apples.

3)-Mag,is there any  bread at home? -No,there is no bread at home. - I hope you'll go and buy some.