Помогите пожалуйста написать небольшой текст на Английском про Париж. Только так, чтобы это можно было выучить. БУДУ БЛАГОДАРНА!


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The most stylish and elegant capital of Europe. It attracts people uniqueness of ancient streets and boulevards that breathe history. The uniqueness of the wealth of monuments and museums known all over the world. Restaurants and cafes are famous for excellent French cuisine and fine wines. Needless to say that it's nice to stroll along the quays and bridges unique river Seine.
Since ancient times, the city of Paris was built in the hollow of the five hills. The most famous among them, no doubt, Montmartre. It is in this area, at the foot of the hill, at some distance from the tourist routes, you can find quiet streets, where time seems to stand still. If you sit down meal in a cozy bistro, it may seem that fell somewhere in a small French village.

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Paris is truly amazing and incredible. Paris is one of the most visited and hot tourist destinations in the world. The ‘City of Lights’ has a lot to offer to its visitors. The beauty and warmth of the city will mesmerize you. When you are in the city, never for a single moment you will feel dull as Paris has abundance of sights and attractions. Plan your trip to Paris in such a way that you do not miss any of the must see sights. You can visit Paris historical landmarks and buildings, ancient churches and temples, beautiful lakes, rivers and beaches, botanical gardens and parks, panorama, amazing zoos, farms and aquaria, world famous galleries and museums, and tourist information centers. Visit all these attractions and make your visit complete and fulfilled.