Make up the sentences(составте предложения).

1)He, not, have, potatoes, for lunch, tomorrow evening.

2)Next week, Meg, shopping, go, will, with her friend.

3)What, you, will, give your motherk, next year, as a birthday present?

4)He, in the evening, will do, tomorrow afternoon, his homework.

5)I, next summer, will go to the sea, with my family.

Complete the sentences(вставте пропущенное слово).

1)____ you eat much ice cream yesterday?(Will / Did)

2)Yesterday morning my sister _____ pizza.(Won`t eat / didnn`t eat).

3)_____ she eat porridge tomorrow morning? (Do / Will).

4)She _____ make fish soup next week.(didn`t / won`t)

5)The boys _____ do their homework yesterday. (Didn`t / won`t)

6)The girls _____ a party next month. (Will have / had)

7)I _____ a box of sweets yesterday. (Will buy / bought).


Ответы и объяснения


1. 1) Не совсем понятно. He will not have potatoes for lunch tomorrow evening. - как вариант.

2) Meg will go shopping with her friend next week.

3) What will you give your mother as a birthday present next year?

4) He will do his homework tomorrow afternoon in the evening.

5) I will go to the sea with my family next summer.

2. 1) Did

2) didn't eat

3) Will

4) won't

5) didn't 

6) Will have

7) bought


he have not potatoes for lunch tomorrow evening

meg will go shopping with her friend next week

what will you give your mother next year as a birthday present

he will do his homework  tomorrow afternoon

i will go to the sea wiwth my famiy next summer



did not eat



did not

will have