Exercise 157. Put the verbs in brackets into the future perfect.

By the time he arrives they (leave). She is ill now. By the first of April she (be in hospital for three weeks). He has bought this TV-set on credit. He (pay) all the money by the 21st of August. How long has she stayed with your family? By the end of the month she (stay) for a month. She has lived here a long time. By May she (live) for twenty years. He is still a schoolboy, but by this time next year he (leave school). We (finish) this exercise by 8 o'clock. We are late. The lesson (start) by now. They (build) the road by the end of the year. I forgot to ask a neighbour to look after the plants while we're away on holiday! When we get home they all (die). By the end of my university course I (attend) 1,200 lectures. When you come back I (finish) all the housework. In a fortnight's time we (take) our exam. I (finish) this book by tomorrow evening. By this time tomorrow we (have) our injections. By the end of next year I (be) here for twenty-five years. I'll still be here next summer but Tom (leave). I (finish) this job in twenty minutes. By next winter they (build) four houses in that field. At the rate he is going he (spend) all his money by the time he is twenty-one.The train (leave) before we reach the station. If I continue with my diet I (lose) 10 kilos by the end of the month. By the time that he leaves school his parents (spend) £25,000 on his education. By the end of the term I (read) all twelve volumes. I'm going toHyde Parkto hear the people making speeches. - You'll be too late. By the time you get there they (finish) their speeches and everybody (go) home.


Ответы и объяснения


1.will have left.2.will have been in.....3 will have paid.4 will have stayed.5will have lived.6will have left...7 will have finished.8 will have started 9 they will have built....9will have died.10will have attend... 11will have finished..12 i will have finished..13we will have had...14. i will have been..15will has left.16 i will have finished...17 they wiil have  built..

18 will has spent.19 will has left..20 will have lost..21will have spent..22 will have read...23they will have  finished...24 will have gone..