напишите пожалуйста сочинение на тему развлечения ,занятия,хобби тинеёджеров в нашей стране и в других зарубежных странах

заранее большое-прибольшое спасибо


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People first used the word teenager in the 1920s. Before that they named as young people or children.Things started to change in the 1950s.Teenagers became more independent,they got pocket money and free time after school.Now a days teenagers speak and dress in different way.Older people dont like and understand it.The music is the part of their life.They also listen strange music,in opinion of old people.In our country teenagers are more intersted in sport and art,as in another countries.They also have free times and the visit caffes wither friends and atc.But some of them are also lazzy,Many parents dont have job,everything that children ask parents cost very big money.Teenagers need to think of the whole family and not just themselves.   Если будут ошибки то заранее извиняюсь)))рада была помочь хоть чем-то))