Слова для справки:

Advice. Ask. Order. Remind. Tell. Warn

The official said to Gerry ( go to room)

The official told him to go to room

(Girls you must't touch these wires. It can be dangerous) said the guide.

( The bus is all right, Anne, but it's better for you to take the train) we said

(Bring the money ,Simon. Don't forget. ) Mrs Walters said

(This is the police) the voice said. (Spectators must leave at once)

I said (Please come in , Mr Tufnell)


Ответы и объяснения


The guide asked us not to touch these wires as it can be dangerous.

We adviced Ann to take the train as it's better variant.

Mrs Walter reminded Simon not to forget the money.

The voice told  that it was police and ordered spectators to leave at once.

I asked Mr. Tufnell to come in.