Western Siberia has diverse vegetation.There are forests, wetlands, and meadows. The main type of forest areas are dominated by coniferous forests of Siberian spruce, Siberian fir and Siberian pine or cedar. . Мне надо 3 предложения про лес Западной Сибири, но я не знаю как лучше написать можете подсказать?


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About the deciduous forests of Western Siberia
It so happened that in my home most of the West Siberian forests - small-leaved, consisting of birch and aspen. On the one hand, I like the birch forest. They are light and spacious, they are inhabited by a huge number of birds. In the birch forests lot of mushrooms and berries, which provide food for both people and animals.


But the birch does not give any fruit, nuts or acorns. Moreover, the maximum lifetime of a birch - only about a hundred years. In such a short period of birch does not have time to turn into a huge, dumpy, hollow tree and die ignominiously from the wind and rot. Therefore, age-old birch forests does not happen. And if there is no old-growth forests - that is not related tales and myths. In England there is Sherwood, Germany - Black Forest, in the Irtysh there is nothing (with apologies to singer Artynskogo boron comrade sibariana).

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