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It was my birthday yesterday. I invited all my friends: Olya, Natasha, Dima, Sasha and Katya. My mother made a birthday cake.There were a lot of tasty things on the table: sweets, apples, oranges and ice-cream. My friends wished me happy birthday and gave me a lot of birthday presents. I got two books, a box of chocolates and a green T-shirt. My parents gave me a computer as a birthday present. When I learned about it my happiness knew no bounds. What a pleasant surprise! After tea we danced, sang songs and played different games. We had a very good time together.

My birthday was really cool!


In the morning I baked a cake of honey sponge cakes with condensed cream, apricots and hazelnuts. However, with the cake not everything was perfect. It seems that it was tasty (according to my husband), but nevertheless it should turn out even better! Can feel the charm cake prevented me nose, which was not breathing, and the head, which is terribly hurt - I do not know ... Plus, I still swollen gums, and severe pain in the tooth. In general, it is normal to eat I could not get