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1) i think she is crying, she often cries.

2) My granny is not very well. I am taking her some nice things to eat.

3) I am talking to you

4) A cat is runnig across the stadium

5) she is a good pupil, she always does her work well

7) I  am thinking about this problem

8) I think they will be late

9) now I want to talk.....

10) what language is she speaking now?  I do not understand anything



1 I think she is crying. ( Present Continious- настоящее продолженное время, я думаю она сейчас плачет ) I am shure she is. She often cryes. ( Present Simple - Настоящее неопределённое время - она часто плачет ) 2 is not very well , I am taking her some ...3 I am talking to you  4 is running 5 She is a good pupil . She always does her work well. 6 think 7 I am thinking 8 I think they will be late 9 want 10 is she speaking 11 I am not understanding ( I dont understand) Предлагаю такое решение