дописать предложения,буквально пару слов. 1) i`m sick and tired of ... 2)I`m fed up with... 3)I can hardly ever... 4)That`s really unfair... 5)it just won`t do ..6)i`ve just about had enough (of...) 7)...even...


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дописать вместь многоточий

1)long ilness

2) tasty cake

3) hear you

4) to be so unpolite

5) anything useful

6) this difficulties















1) i`m sick and tired of this noisy city

2) I`m fed up with a cup of tea and a slice of bread

3) I can hardly ever open my eyes

4)That`s really unfair to do such things

5) it just won`t do the same silly things

6) i`ve just about had enough of time even if you don't want