MAke the right choise and comlete the sentences. a)Present Indefinite or Present Continuous? 1)I can t come to the phone now.I (to have)a bath.2)The Queen (to live) in Buckingham Palace.3)Australia (to export ) wheat,wool and dairy products.4)Look,that man (to smile) at us.Perhaps he (to know) us. b)Future Indefinite or Future Continuous? 1)-What you (to do) tomorrow afternoon at about 6 o clock?-Nothing special.-Why?-I (to tell) you later.2)I know that at the party everbody (to dance,to laught and to enjoy themselves).3)-What a huge pile of books!-I (to help) you to take them to the library.4)Australia (to be) the first country they are going to visit. c)Past Indefinite or Past Countinuous? 1)How many cities you (to see) in Australia?2)What book they (to read) when the bell (to ring)?3)-You and your friend looked so excited when I (to see) you.What you (to talk) about?-We (to discuss) the plans for our holidays.4)When he (to go) to Australia he (not to know) much about this unusial country.ПОМОГИТЕ ПЛИЗЗЗЗ....Кто знает хорошо историю напишите в личку?!


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