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My native sity -Kharkov. Kharkov is one of the largest cities of Ukraine.The population of the city is more than 1,5 million people. It used to be the capital of Ukraine in the first half of the 20 century. The city is a bigindustrial centre of our countri. It is also one of the largest scientific and cultural centres of Ukraine. There are a lot of theaters, consert holls, museams and art galleries in Kharckov. We have many places of interest such as Gorky Park, Shevchenko Park and a big zoo. By the way Kharkov is famous for it's chesnut trees, wich bloom every spring. We also have lots of oppotunities to go in for sports.because there are many restaurants and cafes in my city, so it you have enough money you can visit them. I was born in Kharkov thats why it's the most beautiful in the world for me.