Помогите срочно написать мини сочинение про себя используя going to(собираюсь).


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There are millions of dogs on this planet, but all of them are different. There are more than 100 different breeds!  And can't you believe it or not, they all have different charactiristics. Some are noisy, some are quiet, some are loving, but sometimes naughty. Most of them are friendly, but some are not. You have to feed them like all animals. Also, you have to go for a walk with them 1-3 times a day. They like to get a walk in the park, but you can also give them a walk in the town. If you do that your pet dog will be absolutely perfect.


Now the streets is very hot. I*m going to visit my best friend. In her home well. Then we're going to go to the pool with their parents. Our parents are best friends, too.