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 тема: A Concert review - Codlplay


A Concert review - Codlplay One week ago I saw the concert of fantastic pop group - Coldplay on DVD. It was to exciting for me, because I really love Coldplay. Concert was in Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles.Chris said that have a concert there is mad, but it was 20 years to the day since U2 played there…Although it was a rainy day there were about 20,000 fans. Hollywood Bowl is a humungous area, so some fans which were far away from stage had binoculars, when they were wanted to see group. Even if it, audience really love the concert. Sound was not poor, it was always clear. 
A lot of special laser effects made atmosphere like in a circus of a light. Concert began with song Clocks and finished with song Amsterdam. From the start to the end fans were singing with Coldplay. It could be brilliant. Before the last song Chris, the front man of group said: “Before you’ll go – two things. The one is – thanks a lot for everybody and the second – please eat more chocolate and listen to more Coldplay. 
Than they played song Amsterdam and said goodbye to audience with words: “Thanks a lot. See you again. Goodbye.” But fans were insistent. They were applauding and screaming, while the band was not come back to stage and played yet one song. They played the song Life is for living. After that song, concert was really at the end. I think that Coldplay is a big group, which won’t be forgotten.