напишите пожалуйста рассказ на английском про 9 мая, только можно без сложных слов) не меньше 15 предложений


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Victory Day.
In Russia and other countries Victory Day, or the 9th of May, is one of the great holidays of the year. It is the holiday of all people.
In all the towns there are decorations, flags, and slogans in the streets, in the shop windows and on the front of large buildings.
On Victory Day morning there are meetings and demonstrations of the veterans who fought in the Great Patriotic War.
On that day there usually is a military parade in all big cities of our country.
There are a lot of people in the streets and squares, at theatres, cinemas and concert halls. They are all celebrating their holiday. Many people go to see their friends or go for walks in the parks or forests.