A What will you do in these situations? Give true answers.
Model: If my friend lets me down, I will (not) forgive him/her.
1. Your friend lets you down.
2. Your friend needs your help.
3. Your friend phones you at six o'clock in the morning.
4. Your friend spends the weekend with other friends.
5. Your friend is angry with you.
6. Your friend has a problem with Mathematics.
7. Your friend leaves your school.

В Get ready for "How well do you know your friend?" quiz.
1. Prepare as many questions about friends as you can.
2. Swap your questions with your best friend.
3. Try to answer the questions.

Напишите о своем друге :D


Ответы и объяснения


We're playing with a friend when my friend cannot do homework I am helping him. when my friend calls me at 6:0 in the morning, he tells me how much we will come out of the House when my boyfriend spends the weekend with other friends he calls me and if my friend is angry with me that I do feel that all is well when my friend with math problems together, we go to my place and I'm showing how to properly decide. If my friend would be leaving school I go together with it.