Помогите написать биография на английском языке!!!

Меня зовут Асем. Я родилась Караганде. Мне 12 лет. Я в 6-м классе. Дальше сами придумайте.Биография должна быть большая


Ответы и объяснения


Думаю этого будет достаточно для ученицы 6 класса)))       

Hello My name is Asem. I want to tell you about myself. You know, it’s not an easy task to talk about myself, because I do not see myself from the outside. But still I can tell you a little about my character and my interests.

So, I’m 12 years old. I was born in Karaganda. I am a pupil of 6 form. I like to study because knowledge is useful sometimes. I'm fond of reading. My favourite subjects are English, Russian and literature. I usually did a lot of home preparation for them and I liked everything I was doing in them. I really tried hard in them. I am sociable, so I have got a lot of friends among my schoolmates. As for me I appreciate people's hornesty, kindness, sense of justice and intelligence. I don't like when people are rude and aggressive. I am stubborn at times. Also I never leave things half done. I think I am hard-working and diligent. I’m not very tall, but I am very thin with straight brown hair, a round face and brown eyes. I do not consider myself to be very beautiful, but people say I’m beautiful. I usually like wearing casual clothes — jeans and T-shirt , but sometimes I wear dresses or skirts. I do not like shoes with high heels. I prefer sneakers. But at school, I wear a uniform.

As for my character, I think I’m quiet, well-balanced and rather modest person. I’m not sure, but my friends say that I have a good sense of humor. In fact, I like to tell jokes and make my friends smile. I’m pretty outgoing and talkative, and I like to be around people. I have many friends and acquaintances. But sometimes I have these mood swings when I am sad, and want to stay alone for a while. I think this is quite normal, because everyone has those moments. I like all positive things and when I have some problems, I always try to find positive things in them. I like to help people around and see how they are happy. I like a good, honest, polite, reliable and responsible person. And I hate it when people are rude and aggressive. Aggression is bad.

Well, now my interests and hobbies. There are many of them, but I do not have time to do everything, so I have to choose. Now I am doing a lot of sports, sometimes I play a variety of sports for health and pleasure. I usually play games such as volleyball and basketball. Behold, the end of the story.