Надо написать ессе по англу.яз на тему "Электронное обучение " (120-180 слов) помогите очень срочно))) 8 класс очень надо помогитееееееееееееееееее плисссссссссссссссссс сросноооооооо


Ответы и объяснения


In the process of e-learning feedback teacher and student is difficult. This raises the question about the possibility of an effective e-learning in the case when the interaction with the student is not as effective as during training in classroom format. As a consequence, one of the most essential components of distance learning module is communication (communication) between the students, teachers and administrators of the system.
In e-learning, you can use two types of communications:
asynchronous - messages are exchanged at an arbitrary time (e-mail, forums, message boards) -
The most technically challenging adverse communication is synchronous (since they are carried out in real time). There are several types of synchronous communication:
video conference (unilateral or bilateral)
Audio Conference
chat (text conferencing)
instant messaging
application sharing
Virtual Classroom
Require separate explanation last two types of communications.
Application sharing - this type of communication is usually intended for demonstration or training to work with software products (see Scheme 3). Run the software on only one computer in the network and on all other computers available to the screen of the computer, and there is a possibility udalennoo program control the mouse and keyboard.
Virtual Classroom - an electronic simulation of communication in classroom teaching. Virtual Classroom is a set of software products that implement several elements of synchronous communication, which allow closer communication via local or wide area networks to communicate "face to face" with the following functions:
blackboard (whiteboard) - the ability to write or draw on the screen at the same time accessible to all participants of communication
overall (broadcast) Chat
function "show of hands"
individual exchange of messages between students and teacher
slide show, teaching materials
For the successful use of synchronous communication technologies usually requires local or powerful corporate inter-office network or broadband connection to the Internet.