рассказ на английском языке про собаку и кошку очень надо помогите.


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The dog - a loyal friend and assistant man since ancient times. She first came to him from the depths of the forest, and took his patronage. It was a very, very long time.
Primitive man constantly fighting for his life. He listened to every sound, the sound of a stranger: not sneaking up to an enemy? A dog hears what the person can not hear, smell, are not available to the human sense of smell. Especially at night it is very sensitive: in fact last dog was a nocturnal predator. It took many many years before the predator forgot savage habits and become a true friend of man.

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                                                                               The dog


The dog - a pet, one of the most common "companion animals."

The dog belongs to the most ancient of all animals. Until now, the scientific community being sought temporary segment of domestication of the dog and causes. Rock carvings, paintings and archaeological finds allow scientists to draw some conclusions and assumptions.



                                                                           The cat


Cat - a pet, one of the most popular "companion animals" Currently, there are about 600 million pet cats displayed about 256 breeds of long-haired (Persian cat) to hairless (Sphinx), recognized and recorded by different feline organizatsiyami.Na over 10,000 years, cats are valued by man, including the ability to hunt for rodents and other household pests