Народ HELP Me помогите написать сочинение на тему 1)стоит поситить россию 2) россия моя страна 1 любое помогите если несложно не мение 150 слов


Ответы и объяснения


Russia - a great country. Hundreds of years she fought for their independence, for what would prove its status on the world stage. Russia has developed, made seven-league strides in the areas of education, science, technology, medicine and other aspects of social life. Every person who has ever stood at the head of our state, even if not for a long time, always did a lot for his people, to make a special contribution to the history of our country. But many will say, "Not all of our Head of State had positive results of his government." But in response to this statement we can say that no matter what the consequences were not following the departure of a political leader, they still give some impetus for change, and Russia sent on a particular path of development.
Every citizen of the Russian Federation enshrined constitutional rights: the right to vote and to be elected. But can a man who is not interested, and not knowing the political situation in their own country, to vote, much less be elected? For many years, our ancestors fought for what would have been commissioned in Russia, though like a democracy. And here we are - their descendants finally live in a free society, in a democratic society. However, more and more young people do not find it necessary to go to the polls, believing that their vote does not matter, and will not affect the outcome of the election campaign. This suggests either political passivity, ignorance, lack of knowledge.
In the near future, Russia will hold presidential elections in the Russian Federation. This is an important date in the history of our state. Which path will the development of our country, what would be the life of the people, it is our life, it all depends on who comes to power now. This, in turn, depends on us, the citizens of Russia. Therefore, we must take responsibility for the choice of the candidate for whom you would like to cast your vote. After March 2 will be elected the head of the first people of our state.
Personally, I would like to see our country as the first world power, as the richest, most developed state. However, we can notice that the last eight years, Russia begins to recover its position in the world. Over the past eight years, our country among the seven major economies of the world ¬ ther, ahead of Italy and France, GDP grew by 70%, salaries were increased military and other social groups. I hope that the next president of Russia will continue the policy specified by Vladimir Putin.
We - the young generation, and we live in a country where we were born or grew up. We must not be indifferent to its future. Russia - this is our big house that needs to be done better, richer and more developed.