Помогите пожалуйста написать текст из 8-10 предложений, про любимого героя, у меня это матроскин из простоквашино, пожаааалуйста помогите на писать на английском, на завтра надо, срочно!!!!!!!!!


Ответы и объяснения


Matroskin - speaking cat striped color, whose grandfather and grandmother sailed on a ship (so he had «marine» name), who was inclined to rational thinking - he prefers of all to extract material benefits. Matroskin proud and recalls that his nickname is «the name is.» Homeless capital of the cat that had once lived in Professor studying the language of animals, then dwelling in the entrance of a multi-storey apartment house. Subsequently, after the acquaintance with a young boy by the name of Uncle Feodor, finds its home in the village of silent hill. He is very economical, prudent and economical, sometimes to the extreme - for example, milk his cow, he once took all those in the house capacity. Of his special talents known ability to embroider and sew on a typewriter, and also play guitar and sing love songs, with elements of self-examination and treatment of personal experience. Loves the good-natured teasing Ball, while, in General, refers to him good - the only thing that it saddens - absence from dog practical use. Can read, write and count.