розповідь на 14 коротких речень на одну із тем на англійській мові: 1) Моя улюблена їжа 2) Мій улюблений фильм 3) Моя сім`я та друзі


Ответы и объяснения


My family is not very big. They are four of us: my father Taalai, motherJibek, brother Marcel and I. My parents are not old at all. We are a very united family. All of us live together.

I’d like to begin with my brother Marsel. He is the youngest in our family. He is only two years old. He is very nimble and agile.

As for me, My name is Peri. I am not very tall. I am a pupil in the eighth form of secondary school. I am 14 years old. I like reading books about vampires, do beadwork. I also like dancing, watching TV, spending time with my friends, walking and visiting different museums. My favorite subjects are Algebra and English. I am not very good at English but I understand that it is one of the most important subjects now, and I try to do my best to improve it. After school I`m going to enter to the Business College, because I want to become a banker. I have a lot of friends, but I think my best friend is probably Koiorymi. I never quarrel with Koiorymi. But if there is some misunderstanding between us, we try to make peace as soon as possible. My favourite teachers are Sadaf Aidynovna and Elmira Sultanovna.I think I`m quite easy-going. I`m similar in personality to my mother. She is always very friendly although she can be quite critical of people. I like to be friendly to the people around me, and I do not normally like to let my bad moods and anger inside me come out and affect to other people.

My father is the head of the family. He is a worker. He likes his work very much. He loves my brother more than me, at least I think so. I thank him for what he does for us. My mother is a housewife. She is sensible, practical, and calm and I can always rely on her for a good advice. But sometimes she is very strict to us. She is one who does most work in the house, though I try to help her.

My family is friendly. We always discuss all the problems together and help each other. Everyone in our family is my best friend. My family means a lot to me. It’s not just two, three or seven people living together, but a unity of people who support each other in different situations. Anything can happen in this life, but I know the only people who will always love and understand me are my family.

I have two real friends – Julia and Sergei. We have known each other since we were babies and we have been together for 13 years. Our mothers are the best friends. By the way, they have been friends since childhood. We are like relatives!

Sergei is 14, he is my classmate. Sergei isn’t tall; he has dark hair, brown eyes and many freckles on his face. He is a computer genius; unlike me he adores Math, Information Technology and Physics.

Sergei’s sister Julia is 16. She is a short slim girl with dark curly hair. Like me she is keen on foreign languages, cooking and dreams of going to Great Britain. We often spend our free time together, chat about different things, watch films, learn English and bake something. She is easy to deal with! It’s really great to be with my friend Julia. We understand each other very quickly.

I hope that my friendship with Sergei and Julia will last forever because they have been my friends since childhood. And such friends are the most valuable.