история про живого медвежонка на английском языке 8 - 12 предложений!!!


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There once was a bear Snapp. He grew up and was once one has not seen his mother bear. He stomped in the rain and walked sadly and all the animals were happy environment and rains were hiding, and the little bear Snapp was very sad and odninoko. But when he went into the forest, he saw a strange rabbit, schayts pomenshe was just him, his two teeth sticking out and his eyes shone with a pure soul .. Bunny too sad, but they soon became friends. Hare asked the bear, "Why are you so sad?" But bear heavily zdohnul and did not say nothing. Bunny said, "Do not gursti, here we have long since lost the baby bear and sad as you are, why you are so sad and sorrowful? '. Then the bear was surprised and asked him ovtesti to the bear. When he vstertil her, their eyes lit up a shine and they realized that this mom and baby. Well, that's another story.