Помогите пожалуйста составить на АНГЛИЙСКОМ языке 10 предложений о профессии .


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Air Hostess is required to have a good secondary education. Knowledge of at least one Continental language is an advantage.The duties of the Air Hostess are aimed at the safety, comfort, and well-being of the passenger. The Air Hostess welcomes the passengers on board the aircraft and ensures that they are comfortably seated. They need to communicate with the terminal to ensure that all expected passengers have boarded the flight. They provide health, safety and emergency information to the passengers before take off. 

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I love the profession of a doctor. She is very interested in their terms and concepts. There are many kinds of doctors. Dentists, Veterinarians, Surgeons. Dentists treat people the teeth. Veterinarians treat animals. And surgeons are conducting operations. Doctors in Russia are very valued profession. The doctors are: the White coat, Hat and hair clean and comfortable тапочки.Быть Dr. it is an honour for a man!



Я люблю профессию доктора. Она очень интересна своими терминами и понятиями. Есть многие разновидности докторов. Стоматологи, Ветеринары, Хирурги. Стоматологи лечат людям зубы. Ветеринары лечат животных. А хирурги проводят операции. Доктора в России очень ценимая профессия. Доктора носят: Белый халат, Шапку для волос и стерильные и удобные тапочки.Быть доктором это честь для человека!