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Complete the sentences with the correct comparative, superlative or adverb form of adjectives in breakets.

1) It's___(exoting) to go a party than to stay at home!

2)Don’t watch that! It’s the _______ (boring) programme on TV.

3) My house is the _______ (far) from the school. I have to catch the bus at 7.30 a.m.!

4)My sister is only five but she reads very _______ (good).

5) I’m _______ (happy) than yesterday. I’ve got some new trainers

6)Chris doesn’t study very hard. He’s got the _______ (bad) results in the class.

7)It’s usually _______ (cold) in England than it is in Italy.

8) I think English is the _______ (difficult) language in the world!

9)My brother’s a _______ (good) driver than I am.

10)Her writing is very clear. She writes so ______ (careful).


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1. more exciting

2. most boring

3. farthest

4. well

5. happier

6. worst

7. colder

8. most difficut

9. better

10. carefully