прочитай приведи ниже предложения 1-10.Употребите слова,напичатаные заглавнымибуквами.изменив их на существительльные.оканчивающияеся на -er/or

1.My favourite_________________is Mozart. COMPOSE

2.Walt Dishey was the___________of Mickcy Mouse. CREATE

3.we asked a________tj furnish our flat. DLESIGN

4.johnis a very careless___________. DRIVE

5.I saw the film only because my favourite_______played in it. ACT

6.Sam"s father is a _______. BULD

7.The ________asked me why I wanted the jod. INTERVIEW

8.The_______couldn"tanswer the guestios asked. LECTURE

9.My grandma was a very populr________when she was young. DANCE

10.Muhammad Ali was a fmous_______________.


Ответы и объяснения


1.My favourite composer is Mozart. (композитор)

2.Walt Dishey was the creator of Mickey Mouse.  (создатель)         

3.We asked a designer to finish our flat.  (дизайнер)     

4.johnis a very careless driver  (водитель)

5.I saw the film only because my favourite actor played in it. (актер)

6.Sam"s father is a builder   (строитель)

7.The enterviewer asked me why I wanted the jod. (корреспондент)

8.The lecturer couldn"tanswer the guestios asked.  (лектор)

9.My grandmother  was a very popular dancer when she was young.  (танцовщица)

10.Muhammad Ali was a famous boxer (  боксер)