Напишите письмо другу из великобритании о последних новостях!на английском


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hello ted! how are you? i am so miss you! hope you are in good shape. i want to break very nice news. martin got married yesterday. his bride's name is Georgiana. she is really beautiful and smart girl. we had a great feast! it is so pity that you was absent. wish you would come to us. i will be so glad to see you! love alice


Dear Ann,

Last Sunday our family went on a picnic.The sun was shining brightly when we left home.We drove to our favourite place near the lake.Mother and I took the food out of the picnic basket,and we all sat down to have a meal.When we began to eat,a small black cloud appeared.Then suddenly it began to rain very hard.We ran for the car but were wet before we reached it.We finished our picnic in the kitchen at home.

                                                                                                                   Best wishes,