надо написать сочинение на анг.яз с переводам на тему ,но я не живу ,чтобы есть,

следуйте плану

1) что такой витамин

2)замем он нужен людям

3)что надо есть людям,чтобы быт здоровым

заранее спс


Ответы и объяснения


  1)Vitamins are a group of low-molecular organic compounds of relatively simple structure and various chemical nature. This team on the nature of the chemical group of organic substancesв United on the basis of absolute need for them to heterotrophic of the body as an integral part of the food.

 2)  Vitamins are involved in almost all biochemical processes in the body. They are the catalysts of the metabolic processes and often perform a regulatory function in the body. Vitamins are not produced by the body, so they must come from food or in the form of vitamin pills.
  In winter, due to the lack of fresh vegetables and fruits vitamin and mineral micro and macro is particularly acute. Therefore, we can and must take a variety of vitamins. All vitamin supplements can be divided into two main groups: single-component vitamins and multivitamin preparations.

3) You need to eat fruits and vegetables. Wholesome food, not fast food! Vitamins have never been superfluous!