Упражнение 237

Раскроите скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple, Past Continuous u Past Perfect.

1. There (to be) two men in the room. One of them (to write) something while the other (to read) a news-paper. 2. He (not to tell) me that he (to receive) a telegram from her. 3. I (to ask) him if he (to know) where she (to live). I (to say) I (not to know) her ad­dress. 4. He (to ask) me if I (can) give him your ad­dress. 5. She (to say) that he (to give) her the wrong address. 6. I (to ask) him where he (to put) my let­ter. 7. He (to tell) us that they (to spend) all the money. 8. I (to sit) in an armchair and (to think) of my coming trip across the North Sea when the door suddenly (to open) and an old friend of mine whom I (not to see) for a very long time (to enter) the room. 9. She (to come) to see us just at the time when we (to have) dinner. It (to be) the first time I (to see) her. 10. I (to see) him just as he (to leave) the hotel. 11. I (not to see) him before we (to meet) at the con­cert. 12. He (to leave) the house before I (to have) time to ask him anything. 13. After spending sever­al days in Paris he (to feel) lonely and (to want) to return home. 14.1 (to think) he already (to go) home. 15.1 (to find) the old man in the garden. He (to talk) to some children who (to stand) around listening to him. 16. He (to speak) a language we never (to hear) before. 17. He (to tell) me he (to learn) it from the newspaper. 18. He (to enter) the room, (to take) something from the desk and (to go) out.


Ответы и объяснения


1) were, was writing, was reading

2) did not tell, he had received

3) asked, he knew, was living, said, i did not know

4) asked, could

5) said, gave

6) asked, put

7)told, had spent

8) was sitting, thinking, opened, had not seen, entered

9) came, were having, was, had seen

10) saw, was leaving

11) i had seen, met

12) left, had

13) had felt, wanted

14) thought had gone

15) found, was talkin, standing

16) was speaking, had heard

17) told, learned

18) entered, took, went.