сочинение срочно до завтра надо написать тема my best friend желательно про девочку


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Every person needs a friend. Friends are very important in our life. I think you cannot live without friends. My  best friend name(ее имя) .She is a very nice, smart, sweet and kind. I love her and I appreciate our friendship.


My very dear friend named Mary. We started to make friends in the first class, always with a long sitting at the same desk, all the free time we spend together, too. I feel so good and easy to Masha! She is very intelligent, kind, fair. Mybeautiful girlfriend probably did not call, but she has a very attractive appearance.
Masha has a round face, rosy, slightly upturned nose. Bright colored hair with a golden hue unruly curls over his high forehead clean. Masha often corrects themby hand.
The most important thing for me in the car face - great gray-green eyes, fringed with fluffy black eyelashes. Above them thin arrows diverge eyebrows. When Marysmiles, her eyes sparkle twinkle (I call them besik), and there are dimples on her cheeks.
Mary reads a lot, fond of poetry, music, plays the guitar. I am attracted to herattention to people, kind and cheerful disposition. So she and Mary seems to mea very pretty.