Пожалуйста сочините простой текст на английском языке!! Тема текста:( где бы я хотела отдахнуть).....нужно хотябы 10 предложений.......СПАСИБО!!!


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One of my old dream is a trip to Riga. I love to travel: I like to leave the house, learn new things, get acquainted with the culture and architecture of other cities, I like to go home.
Riga is connected to my childhood. When I was little, to Riga for the weekend drove my mom. From there, she always came back inspired, relaxed and, of course, with gifts. My very favorite gift was from Riga purse - white, handsome, with a latch. Dense a latch on a white puffy "belly." Such purses in Moscow did not exist. There was not quite! I envied my classmates, schoolmates and asked to hold in your hands is a miracle. With such a gift from my mother I was the hero of the day. And so, since then, I dream myself to look at the city, to visit the city, from which the gifts of the average person can make a hero of the day.
Riga is the capital of Latvia, as Moscow - the capital of Russia. This is my home town looks like a city in which I want to go. In addition, it Riga - the largest city of the Baltic states.
The historic center of Riga has been declared a World Heritage Site. And not for nothing! What a beautiful, stunning architecture surrounded by tourists staying there! What kind of fresh air, friendliness of the townspeople. All this, of course, attracted to, and can not fail to attract.