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School is the place where we spend most of our time, so I’d like to tell a few words about my school. My name is Georgiy. I study in the 9th form of the municipal secondary school number 17 in the city center. My school is considered to be one of the largest and most progressive ones in the town, so I’m glad to be studying there. It consists of two massive buildings, which were recently renovated. One of the buildings is for the pupils aged 6 to 12 and the second one is for the teens aged 12 to 16 and above. As for me, I have already moved to the second building, but when I was younger I attended the first one. They are almost the same, although the teaching staff in each building is different. The principal of the school resides in our building, where the teens study. From the outer look our school looks humble. However, the classrooms inside are well-equipped. We even have the electronic boards instead of blackboards, and TV sets in many classrooms. Sometimes, if we behaved well, the teachers can turn on interesting educational films for us. Our building comprises of three floors and has a well-equipped gym. The building for younger children has a swimming-pool instead of gym and when we were younger we used to attend it. My favourite subject at school is PE (Physical Education). It’s probably because I’m quite good at sports, especially at basketball. I’m also good at skiing but we have skiing lessons only in winter. The subject, which I don’t enjoy, is Chemistry. I find it rather difficult, but I’m trying to catch on. On the whole, I should say I like my school. This is my last year in it, as I’m planning to continue my education at the technical college, but I’m sure I’ll miss this place a lot.