Определить тип условного предложения. Глагол, данный в скобках, поставить в нужное время. Перевести предложение:

1. If it (to rain) , we shall have to stay at home.

2.If he (to work) hard, he would have achieved great progress.

3.If you gave me your dictionary for a couple days, I (to translate) this text.

4.If should be very glad if he (to come) to my place.

5.If he is free tomorrow, he certainly (to come) to our party.

Глагол данный в скобках, поставить в нужное время:

1.My friend (to go) to the library Wednesday.

2.He (not to go) to the country yesterday.

3.Don't make noise! Father (to work).

4.You (to write) a dictation tomorrow.

5.He (to study) French before he (to enter) the university.

Выписать сложное подлежащее/дополнение. Перевести предложение:

1.The teacher wants our homework to be prepared well.

2.He was expected to pass the mathematics exam.

3.Mother is said to know the right thing to do.

4.You are supposed to graduate in four years.

5.The traveller entered the inn and ordered supper to be prepared.


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if it rains, we shall stay at home

if he works hard he would have achieved great progress

if you gave me your dictionary for a couple day, i shall translate this text

if should be glad he comes to my place

if he is free tomorrow he certainly comes to our party


my friend will go to the library wednesday

he did not go to the country yesterday

do not make noise! father is working

you will write a dictation tomorrow

he was studying french before he entered the university


учитель хочет тщательно проверить нашу дом. работу

он ожидает пройти экзамен по математике


ты закончиваешь через 4 года

путешественник вошел в гостиницу и заказал ужин