Привет нужна помощ с домашним заданием по английскому языку. Надо составить текст на английском на тему "Мой любимый фильм". О Гарри Поттере. 10-12 простых предложений. Это проект для пятого класса. Спасибо.


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My favorite book is Harry Potter And the philosopher's stone . This is the first book of the famous in the whole world of the writer D. To. Rowling . This series of books spread around the world and reached me . She is very rich and informative . In this book the Main hero of Harry is still a child . But he begins adult life . He crosses the barrier between a boy and a man in his much younger years , when others of his contemporaries playing in the street . I advise you to read this book to all my friends . I give this book 10 out of 10 points .

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