Помогите составить на английском языке рассказ на тему Мой любимы город Иркутск, используя косвенную речь


Ответы и объяснения


Irkutsk (52 degrees 17 minutes north latitude, 104 degrees 16 minutes east longitude) is located approximately at latitude cities such as Orenburg, Saratov, Voronezh, Warsaw, Berlin.

The present borders of the Irkutsk region has existed since 1937 and covers an area of about 770,000 square kilometers (4.5% of the territory of Russia) with a density of 3.6 persons per square kilometer (1.9% of the population of Russia). Almost 80% of the population is concentrated in the cities of Angara. The area is divided into 33 administrative regions, incorporates 14 cities of regional subordination, and 8 - district. It stretches from north to south - 1,500 kilometers from west to east - 1,300 kilometers. Today Irkutsk region - one of the economically developed regions of Russia. It is a part of the Interregional Association "Siberian Agreement", which unites 19 republics, autonomous regions and regions of Siberia