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Nowadays in our society there are a lot of very serious problems such as unemployment. It’s a very actual topic for me because rather soon I will be passing my examination and then I will have to study or work somewhere. That’s why this theme is very important and actual in my life. My parents love me very much and want to give me everything I want only for my good future. They give me good advice and I am grateful for that. But Unfortunately , nowadays, the rate of unemployment in our country is very high. About 30 percent of Lithuanian population are jobseekers. It’s a dangerous number and I m facing the dilemma whether to stay in my native land or go abroad to study and live, because I don’t see any prospects there. I not sure but Id\ like to study law or something connected with it. I want to know my own laws and help people. On the other hand, I’d like to be socially protected. Social Protection is an important dimension of the country’s social life, as it promotes cohesion and reduces social gaps by increasing opportunities for job placement and development of the most vulnerable groups. 
What does social protection mean for me? I would like to have stability in my life and moreover to know that If I needed some help ,the country where I live would be able to give me social assistance . I want to have good wages and to know that I would afford good holidays with my family. And that’s why I find the decision to work as a government employee more rational. 
Every day I hear about a crisis and difficult times. But I think that if a person is master of his profession – person will be needed everywhere. I will do my best to receive good education and get satisfaction from my work. And I can give a little piece of good advice for everyone – do your best and find right your way. And for the end of my monolog I’d like to quote H. Jackson Brown, Jr.”Find a job you like and you add five days to every week. “

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