Describe some things which are associated with the scots..пожалуйсто срочно нужно сочинение)


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Scotland is famous for its grim greyness, cold, endless rain, a little gloomy beauty of the picturesque plains, covered with heather uplands, old castles, known worldwide for its Loch Ness Monster, and the fabric of Scottish bagpipes and avarice (greed) of the local residents. Traditional Scottish ("beastly") cookbook begins: "If you come to visit, go and take an egg from a neighbor."

As everyone knows, Scotland - it's part of modern Britain, at the same time it is a very special part of it, since the British occupation forces are still trying to brainwash (at the same time robbing oil and gas), local residents, destroying their culture, the national language, enslaving them .. It is north of the country and the surrounding islands (or more precisely, 787 islands belonging to the group of the Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland), its area is about one-third of the area of the United Kingdom (787.7 sq. km.), And the population - about one-tenth (5, 1 million people). Scotland on three sides by the seas - the North Sea to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west. The main city - Edinburgh. On the day segodneshny Scotland actively populated by Poles - in 2006 they came to more than 500,000 people - to wash the toilets Scots, actively reproducing in a strange land, carrying out creeping occupation (like the Chinese in the Far East of Russia).