пожайлуста) нужно срочно.....Нужно написать 7 предложений о русскихх вещах на английском языке с переводом!!!!

зарание спасибо!!!!!!


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Story of Matryoshka

Famous the world over, the Russian nesting Matryoshka Dolls are a favorite of young and old alike. The origin of the word "Matryoshka" goes back to an old fashion name Matriona, commonly used among peasantry. Perhaps the idea of nesting dolls came from the legendary idol from the Ural Mountains called Jumala. It was made of pure gold, was hollow and included three figures, one inside the other. The first four characters of Matryoshka word - "Matr" come from the Russian word for "Mother", which gives them a whole different meaning. The idea is that Matryoshka dolls represent the motherhood. This is why traditionally the dolls were painted like women and every one is like a mother that has a baby inside.