Говорят, что школьные годы - счастливая пора. А ты можешь сказать, что ты был счастлив в школе? Почему?
Помогите составить рассказ, вообще ничего не могу придумать!! Пожалуйста!


Ответы и объяснения


+ I enjoy learning new things and spending time with my school friends;

+ My favorite subject at school is ***, so I devote a lot of time prepearing for it. But also love those lessons the most ;

+ I have a lot of opportunities to try new things: sports, art, music;

+ I have free time to do what I like: watch movies, read fantasy books (or any other books);

+ I love extra school activities that I can have with my classmates;

+ It is important to have my best friends around me. My school friends are the best!

- A lot of pressure for good school marks;

- Little freedom of choise ( in questions like choosing teachers, classmates, school uniform, subjects);

- Sometimes it is simply scary to be a teenager and school is just adding to the whole stress.