Ребят Помогите плз с домашкой учитль сказал,что если не принесу 2 влепит и тогда точно 3 выйдет моогииитеее


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1. He is often spoken about.
2. This letter was received after his departure.
3. This work shall be finished in time.
4. Three foreign languages are taught at this school.
5. New medicine was prescribed her by the doctor.
6. Honey is gathered from flowers by bees.

1. This place was used by him for living.
2. The city was made the capital of the country.
3. They were seen there yesterday evening.
4. The famous English verses were written by these authors.
5. The Tower of London was visited by thousands of tourists last year.
6. His ideas were understood by all of us very easily.
7. Strange sounds was heard in the castle.

1. A walk around Red Square gives you a sense of the past and ...
2. Wimbeldon tournamentusually is visited by millions of funs.
3. Russian folk tales are enjoyed by many children.
4. Blackpool Illumination attracts a lot of spectators.
5. What museums are visited every year?

1. This doctor is often sent for.
2. Three difficult questions were asked.
3. Don't worry, he will be helped with his work.