My elder sister Ann (A9) ... very good at languages. By the time she (A10) ... school she (A11) ... a good command of three foreign languages - German, French and Italian. After finishing school she went to Spain where she (A12) ... Spanish and Portuguese at a language college for three years before she (A13) ... as a professional interpreter. With her excellent knowledge of so many languages she (A14) ... a good job at the United Nations.

Ann (A15) ... from Spanish into French and from Portuguese into English over the last two years. She likes her job very much. Ann has two main aims for her future career. She hopes she (A16) ... a substantial promotion at the UN by next year and by the time she (A17) ... 35, she (A18) ... two oriental languages: Chinese and Japanese.


1) always was

2) had always been

3) has always been

4) always is


1) had been left

2) has left

3) was leaving

4) left


1) has had

2) was had

3) had had

4) had been had


1) was studying

2) was studied

3) has been studying

4) had been studying


1) qualified

2) was qualifying

3) had been qualified

4) has qualified


1) was offered

2) offered

3) was offering

4) has offered


1) is translating

2) was translating

3) has been translating

4) had translated


1) will have given

2) will be giving

3) will give

4) will have been given


1) turns

2) turned

3) was turned

4) will turn


1) studies

2) will have studied

3) has studied

4) will be studying


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a9:    4) always is

a10:  4) left 

a11:  1)has had

a12;  3) has been studying

a13:  1) qualified

a14:  1) was offered

a15:  3)has been translating

a16:  3) will give

a17:  4) will turn

a18:  4) will be studying