рассказ по английски про хомяка,кошку или собаку. помогите пожалуйста!!!


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Well, I love cats! From us in the hallway, mainly in the attic, living cat, which all receive. But when she gave birth to kittens again, I found them dead, and spread out, as if we as an example, on our site. But one of the kittens was still alive! Naturally, I brought her home отхаживать. But my котяр not pretended to be "I'm not in the business". Косченка oral thin voice, and my котяр grab her by the scruff, as the mother, and brought me.

Came out I was her, cured. But to me, the two had already all't feed - so I have a drinking механника, while he is a good, begged put the cat - Дусю - in the storeroom drivers... Drivers soul in it do not agree! And two purebred dogs, too - surprising, as they were able to immediately fall in love and accept this creature!



My favourite domestic animal is a kitten. Its name is Chapa. My kitten is very fat and kind. Its head isn’t big. Its neck is short. Its paws are small with big clutches. Its  eyes are green and clever. Its ears are small.  My kitten likes milk and chicken. Most of all Chapa likes to sleep and to play. It's very funny and playfull. we play every evening.  I like my kitten very much. I think cats are very careful and clever.


 Моелюбимоедомашнееживотноекотенок. Его зовут Чапа. Мой котенок  очень толстый и добрый. У него небольшая голова. Его шея короткая. Его лапы маленькие с большими когтями. Его глаза зеленые и умные. Его ушки маленькие. Мой котенок  любит молоко и  цыплят. Больше всего Чапа любит спать и играть. Он очень смешной и игривый. Мы играем каждый вечер. Я чень люблю моего котенка. Я думаю, коты очень аккуратные и умные