1 Richard ... me that he had a bad cold.

A) asked B) told C) said

2 I ... on the beach at this time tomorrow.

A) will be lying B) will lie C) am lying

3 I ... a gorgeous silk scarf for my birthday.

A) am giving B) is given C) was given

4 The windows ... cleaning

A) needs to be B) need C) needs

5 Mary was wet because she ... in the rain.

A) is walking B) had been walking C) walk.

6 The new shopping complex ... six months ago.

A) is building B)was built C) is built

7 Excuse me, could you ... the way to the station , please?

A) say B) tell C) ask

8 If I were you, I ... go to bed early.

A) would B) must C) will


Ответы и объяснения


1 - B)

2 - A)

3 - C)

4 - B)

5 - B)

6 - B)

7 - B) только, наверное, ты не дописала, tell me

8 - A)