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It was  a nice day:the sun was shining brightly, birds were singing. My mother and I decided to go to the new cinema. We read about it in he newspaper. When we came , we saw the great building. It was very fantastic and high. We entered to the cinema and bought tickets. We had 30 minutes befor beginning of the film. Suddenly we heard familiar voices and met our family's friends: Mary and Tom. My mom had a good talk with them. but we had to go to the hal. It was wonderful film! We have got pleasant. After movie we went to the park, bought ice cream and was sitting on the bench. We forgave about everything. The day was very hot and we felt warm. We decided to go home. I felt a bit sleeply. We spent a perfect day!

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It was afternoon and the streets were empty as I was going back home after school last Friday.  Suddenly I heard some noise under the nearest tree. I came up to the tree and saw a small puppy! He was clean and so pretty that I couldn't help smiling. Of course, I took this little miracle with me. It was a present for my sister. 


Это было днем, и улицы были пусты, как я возвращалась домой после школы в прошлую пятницу. Вдруг я услышала какой-то шум под ближайшим деревом. Я подошла к дереву и увидела маленького щенка! Он был чистый и такoй хорошенький, что я не могла удержаться от улыбки. Конечно, я взяла это маленькое чудо со мной. Это был подарок для моей  сестры.