Пожалуйста,умоляю помогите мне там нужно составить диалог ну вы сами разберетесь )
Пожалуйста помогииитеС:

срочно надо


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Oliver:How are you?

Celia: I'm fine thank you, and you?

Oliver:I'm fine too. Thank you. Do you know something about  the opening of the party? Where is it be?

Celia: Yes. I Herd about it. It is in the central park.

O: So, it's cool. What are the actings are there?

C: Well, there are  the fair,where you can buy some souvenirs/

O: That's great! Will you buy some souvenirs?

С: Of course, I do it every year. 

O: OK. What else can we see there?

C: Some entertainment!

O: Such a nice day, isn't it?

C: So, it is.

O: Do you want to go there some day again?

C: Yes, I do.

O: Ok. Bye.