напешите сочинение по инлишу мой любимый праздник. праздник берите любой.сочинение не меньшу 200 слов у нас замещает другой учитель так он зверь ПОМОГИТЕ ПОЖАЛУЙСТА для справокк у меня нет ни братьев и ни сестёр только двоюродный брат П,,,,О,,,М,,,О,,,,Г,,,И,,,,Т,,,,,Е плиз убьё учитель :-( :-№


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My favorite holiday - it's a new year. as for this holiday the whole family gathers at a large table, talking to each other their wishes, give different, pleasant heart, gifts. yet this holiday I like the variety of delicious dishes, traditional Russian salad, a pile of tangerines with their delicious flavor, and there are other dishes on the New Year's table.I love to give gifts to their relatives, seeing how happy they received a surprise, especially I like to please his cousin gifts, he is very happy and he smiles. in general, each holiday has its own pros and cons, but I like more the new year, and it gives a warm and caring family and friends. 


не знаю на сколько слов вышло , но думаю нормально)