I have been dating with my boyfriend John for 3 months.We go to the movie,have a snack and do after school activities together. I do not go on dates with anyone else, though my friends do. How old are teenagers in your country when they begin to date?Where do they go on dates?How mush does it cost and who usually pays for the date? помогите написать письмо,пожалуйста!!!!!!!


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Hello my dear friend!

Thank you for your letter

I want to tell you about teenagers in my country.In Russia teens a little bit like americans teens.But often they begin dating 12-14 years old and I think it is not right .But who nows maybe this pair will remain together for life!I think that you and Jhon will be together forever and you a good pair!

With best wishes(with Love,что больше нравится...),