Вставьте артикль на месте пропуска.

It's been a week since __night when Dima was attacked by the bear. I will always remember that night now when I stayed with Dima and we talked until ___. morning. I had never felt so close to my brother before. I was surprised to find out how much he had grown up and changed during ___. summer. Dima told me everything he had heard in the forest. He said that David and Daniel both liked me and that I had been the reason for their fight. It turned out that Dima had always known that David had written that letter to me and he had even helped him with some of the Russian words. However, because I hadn't mentioned it, my brother had kept his mouth shut too. But he should have told me. Everything would have been different then. Anyway, it was too late now. I told Dima it didn't matter to me and he dropped the subject.Dima was able to get back to his tent before ___ dawn, so that no questions about his absence were asked. He still had to wear the bandage on his hand, but he made up a good story about a fight to explain it. ___ next day was the last day of our trip. On ___. Sunday evening we returned to camp and our life got back to almost normal. I say "almost" because the more I think about it, the more I understand how I was unfair to David. Now I realize that he has always liked me and tried to show me, but I refused to believe it. When I think about how badly I hurt him, I want to kick myself. Even if he had done something wrong, how could I have called him a coward? After all, what would I have done in a situation like that? My hero Daniel has been very quiet since we got back. When somebody tried to write an article about his heroism on the river, he got really angry. He also stays away from Dima and me, as if we had done something wrong. And David pretends I don't exist. So by ... day I try to play it cool but by ___ night I stay awake and try to think about what I could have done differently. ____ most interesting summer of my life isn't making me happy anymore. I'm looking forward to ___ autumn, because in ____ autumn I'll be home.


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