Whrite a composition 'London is shopping paradise' (14 sentences) | Напишите 14 предложений на англ. Лондон рай шоппинга. ПОЖАЛУЙСТА,ПОМОГИТЕ.


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As for me, I can honestly call myself a shoppoholic and a fashion victim at once.

That is why travelling for me is always about shopping.

My favorite place to shop is London.

I have to acknowledge that NY is also a great place to spend several hundreds of dollars on beautiful things, but my all time favorite is the city of two-level busses and Big Ben.

When I have a chance to spend my weekends there I prefer to go to small artisian shops that you can easily find in so many parts of London.

Most of goods they sell are made by hands.

I love the spirit of such things.

They have history, energy and love infused into everything they make.

Most shops, by the way, were opened for the first time more than 100 years ago.

Those small beautifully  styled stores are family owned for third or forth generation in the raw.

If I am in the mood for a more cosmopolitan shopping I go to Burberry London and search for contemporary delights like bags and world famous trenches.

Most of days I like to finish my shopping experience with a cup of traditional english tea and scone topped with the fine strawberry jam.

I can not tell you how happy and satisfied I feel when I sit in my favorite cafe with a nice cup of hot and aromatic drink, watching people on the streats crossing by.

I guess, I woudn't sell this feeling even for the best pare of new shoes.