4 класс

придумать 10 предложений с любыми неправильными глаголами


Ответы и объяснения


1) I hate when bees bites me.

2) I cat my finger!

3) Let's dig!

4) A burglar stole my money!

5) You always loose your keys!

6) Don't dream on a lesson!

7) You has to pay 1 dollar.

8) I will buy an ice-cream.

9) Can you spell this word?

10) She teachs us very well.


1.When our prents were children they went to school.

2. I bought a new hat yesterday.

3. We saw that film last week.

4. Mary lost her keys last evening.

5. He came home at 11 pm yesterday.

6. Somebody ate our cake last night!

7. My Grandpa built this house 50 years ago.

8. Andy wrote the letter yesterday.

9. Jane found her passport last week.

10. I read this book last summer.